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What are the Special Features of LIFT?
  • Incorporates the latest experiments worldwide in education and upbringing of children of ages 2 to 5+
  • Imparts learning and not only knowledge
  • Brings out the best in each child through love and nurture, fun and freedom
  • Interactive and LCD screens and computers are the tools for games and learning
  • Home away from home. Care is taken of each child’s unique needs
  • Objective is to develop children into good human beings and leaders who will excel in any environment
  • The concept is child-centred and society-centred
  • Children will grow in a world of love and learning
What age Group Children do you take in LIFT?
Ages 2 to 5+ covering the traditional playgroup, nursery, KG
What is LIFT Admission System?
Admission is open and forms are available at the Learning Centre, H-22/D Abul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025. For additional information please call 9650 136 137
What is LIFT fee structure?
First payment between 1st to 16th April Rs.
Admission Charges 1,000   (one time)
Annual Fee 2,500
Security Deposit 1,000 (returnable when child leaves LIFT)
Learning Fees 4,500   (quarterly)
Sum Total                                                                             9,000
Second payment between 1st to 15th July
Learning Fees                                                                       4,500
Third payment between 1st to 15th October  
Learning Fees                                                                       4,500
Computer, Excursion, Activities, PTA                                 2,500 (Annual)
Sum Total                                                                            7,000
Fourth payment between 1st to 15th January  
Learning Fees 4,500
What is 'Mid - day Meal'?
Children will bring their own tiffin for the break between 10 and 10.30 a.m.
Is LIFT Uniform compulsory?
Uniform is compulsory for nursery and KG
What is the ratio between the child & the teacher?
The aim is to pay individual attention to each child. One teacher and an assistant will look after will look after 24 children in playgroup
Do you converse in English with the Kids?
English will be the medium of instruction and will be the spoken language
What are LIFT Timings?
Timings will be from 8 a.m. to 12 noon , Monday to Friday
Do you provide LIFT Transport?
Transport arrangements can be made when required
Are Books necessary?
Books will not be required. Children will not carry bags. All learning will be done through computers and LCD screens
What methods do LIFT follow to teach the Children?
The methodology of LIFT is to provide learning through computers, LCD and interactive screens in a fun, happy and free environment that is conducive to learning. The child will grow up with care and nurture. Programmes, base on the best in the world, have been specifically designed for the child to learn about the world within and without, develop an enquiring mind and a thirst for knowledge and discovery, and a humane and compassionate outlook on life
How does LIFT prepare children for the formal school?
The main aim of LIFT is to ensure that after three of the most formative years at the Centre the child is very well prepared for admission in the best schools in Delhi and to flourish in that environment. LIFT also plans to have higher classes at the Centre from next year
Does LIFT organize Summer Camps?
LIFT believes that Summer Camps can be very beneficial for children and will hold a camp from 25 May to 15 June this year
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