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Learning is Fun Time is a modern concept based on the distilled wisdom of the ages, which recognizes the uniqueness of each child, sees the child as an individual and nurtures and nourishes the child’s development and growth through love, fun and freedom. LIFT is child and society-centred and not school-centred. The promoters of LIFT are individuals who have made a personally fulfilling contribution in their own sphere of activity and are now committed to putting something back into society by creating this Learning Centre for children of ages 2 to 5+ and providing them the best possible environment, teachers and tools for learning. These individuals are driven by a missionary zeal and their focus and endeavour is to change the mind set of young girls and boys and turn out good human beings who will take up leadership roles in the future. Specific focus is on the minority community and particularly girls.


The latest concepts of imparting learning to pre-primary children in the West form the basis of the methodology that we have devised for the children who will learn at LIFT. The aim is to enable the child to be at par if not better than the finest that Western education produces at this level. To equip them with both learning and values so that they develop into leaders who are upright, creative, imaginative, and visionary and see themselves as citizens of the world. Who take pride in caring, sharing, doing and aspire for excellence and assist others in reaching higher.


A child learns best in an atmosphere of fun, freedom, truth and love. A child learns more from example than words, more from action and deeds than by instruction and punishment. We want to take the child on a journey of discovery – to assimilate and imbibe that which is ‘known’ and to create in the child that enquiring mind which wants to go beyond into the ‘unknown’.


We will be delighted if you would like your child to join us on this journey, this insatiable and unquenchable thirst, to unravel the secrets of the universe and unearth the marvels that lie hidden within the child.

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